Test Driven Business Featuring Your Lean Startup Products


 The innovators dilemma, as Clayton Christiansen call it in his remarkable book is to follow her vision through an unknown reality :  the one of its potential customers. Lean Startup suggest visionary people a shift in their attitude : our brilliant ideas are assumptions and assumptions need to be tested before they turn in proven evidence for success. Faster we test and detect dead ends for our ideas, less we waste ( time, investment, money, intelligence and passion). The key of testing early, avoid waste and adapt in Lean Startup is building a Minimum Viable Product in a Learning Loop ( a Design-Build-Measure-Adapt cycle). The Pretotyping Manifesto says that ideas have no values until they don’t turn into usable products. The Minimum Viable Product is the usable product that will help innovators find the true value of their innovation : he one their customers recognize. Having said that, innovators don’t fully solve their dilemma ; knowing how much “Minimum” is and what “Viable” really means is far from being simple. The Test Driven Business an original approach allowing to focus fast on key features that have a great impact ( the Minimum and the Viable), by starting the definition of your MVP with the design of data and measures you will want to collect when the product will be released before designing the features of your product.  cOemerge offers a one day workshop to help you quickly and cheaply turn your ideas into real products addressing the reality of your users.
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You Should Come If …

  • You’re an entrepreneur, owner  of your startup seaking  for a reliable business model to describe your product while reducing  and investment constraints and dependency,
  • You’re a product manager willing to align your product strategy to the operational effectiffeness  while reducing R& D costs,
  • You’re a Strategic Marketing stakeholder and you are looking for fast tracks to validate market impact and top customer segments,
  • You’re a Lean Startup passionate and you are looking for an initiative to make get out of the building “safe and fast’ 😉

What Will You Learn

Dessin par Laurent Meurisse à Toulouse le 22 javier

  • Lean Startup fundamentals : the “Learning Loop” ( Lean Startup), the Minimum Viable Product, the importance of AAA Data and the path toward  Test Driven Business
  • How to design a measures driven product  (TEST DRIVEN) starting from product vision via  “brief coaching techniques” ( Solution Focused)  and the Business Canvas as defined by the  Lean Canvas
  • What kind of   impact of “test driven product design” on customer segment definition and product key features can be expected,
  • How can all observed or expected behaviors be measured via the “measurable phenomena clarification chain”.
  • How to use teh observation chain and design the data collection that meet the AAA ( Accessible, Auditable, Actionable)  starting from the set of   measures you’ll want to make.

Short versions of this workshop are described in french,   here


The price of one day of workshop is 450 euros excluding VAT.  The maximum number of participants  is 24. participants maximum est de 24 personnes . If there are more than 12 participants, all the participants will have 10% off the price.  5% extra discount will be applied if the number of participants is beyond 18, so come with your friends and partners 🙂

Next Dates

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Registration and further information

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About ojuncu

Après une expérience de plus de 15 ans le développement logiciel et le management des équipes IT (de l’architecture applicative chez General Electric à la tête de la direction informatique d’Eurosport) , Oana a arrêté son choix sur les démarches Agile, qu’elle pense être l’approche la plus adaptée pour les organisation du 21ème siècle, focalisées sur la réalisation produits de qualité, pertinents pour leur clients des produits et disponibles au plus vite, en s’appuyant sur des équipes épanouies. Oana intervient à la fois comme catalyseur de Transformation Agile, en aidant les organisation ( du coeur de métier au développement et services support ) à adopter Agile, et comme coach et/ou formateur Agile et Lean Coach sur le terrain des équipes projet. Son credo est l’évolution durable via le soutien de la collaboration et le bénéfice de l’intelligence collective : un résultant remarquable ne peut être créé qu’avec des contributeurs volontaires .Dans le même esprit du soutien de la “connaissance connectée, créatrice de valeur”, et partage des connaissances, Oana participe activement dans la communauté Agile française et internationale; Elle est intervenue comme orateur dans plusieurs conférences comme XP2012, Agile Tour, ALE, et comme organisateur actif des évènements Agile au niveau européen
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