Coach Retreats

When and Where Will I Facilitate Coach Retreats?

The coach retreat type workshops are one day free events and take place prefferably on Saturdays. Why Saturdays?  Because  coach retrerat is not “work time”. We go because we are passionnate about the topic, we want to have fun, just as going on a bike ride with friends. First coach retreat under the current format took place on January 2012, defined earlier by a merge of 2 brilliant ideas :

 coach DoJo,  group coaching sessions where participants have different roles  (coaches, seeker, observer). The author of this format type is  Rachel Davies.

coderetreat, is a repeat-and-improve framework where one coding exercice is approached with different coding techniques  ( “the game of life”). The author of the coderetreat format is  Corey Haines.

Therefore, the  coachretreat is based on repeated sessions of coaching in a coach dojo format using different techniques, to be applied to the same situation. The whole description of the workshop format is here.

Coach retreat is today a growing shared platform facilitated by Yves Hanoulle.

Do you want to propose a coach retreat? Let us know : 


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