Values & Principles



The identity of an enterprise is build on its values and its principles. Its foundation lies in its vision that created its product and the mission the enterprise defined for itself to make that offer benefit to its customers. 


The identity of an enterprise,  like that of an individual is founded on values Integrity is one of cOemerge’s values, therefore, cOemerge uses the same approach for itself as those proposed for its customers.  Here is the Vision/Mission/Working Agreements” pattern for cOemerge.

The vision

Change will succeed if people that benefit from it are supporting it. Their COllaboration make best solutions EMERGE. cOemerge does not believe in a change imposed by external factors or incentives ( e.g. “new fashionable methods”), that will be perceived as foreign intruders (a danger by default) .  Change comes by internal motivation.


Because enterprises, nowadays as ever, are continuously changing, Coemerge  support enterprises  find intrinsic  change factors and leverage teams talents through facilitation, management coaching and training from Lean Startup and Kanban to Agile Management toward a  purposeful organization , sustained by people that are proud to be part of it.


Our principles drive our decisions and make us take actions. Here are those of cOemerge :


….is better sustained by those that will have a benefit to change.

…happens one person at a time,

…applies to oneself as individual or team. We cannot change others, we can only show the result of that change on ourselves and they might decide to change at their turn.


…is the purpose of each group of people activity. More the members of the group understand and commit to that result more chances are that the group becomes a team.

…emerge from collaboration . The best solution will be delivered using the intelligence of the group.

…should be achieved as fast as possible. The motivation and satisfaction is provided uniquely by the usable, visible item. Frustration of a bad result is surpassed only by the frustration of no result


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