Workshops Test Driven Business for Lean Startup Products

One of the most powerful concepts introduced by Lean Startup is the Minimm Viable Product ( MVP), build in a Learning Loop of Improvement process of “Observe, Design,Build,Measure & Learn”. The MVP is the just what yo need to validate your market assumptions against customer feed-back. This version of workshop proposes to implement an original approach called  Test Driven Business that propose to go directly to the “define measures” before staring to design your MVP.


  • Explore what we expect in return from the market and define what to measure accordingly.
  • Define a first version of your MVP focused of findings about your VIP customers revealed by the Test Driven Business approach


Workshops content needs also innovation. Test Driven Business uses techniques that come from therapeutical coaching as Solution Focused mixed with Business Model Generation tools as Lean Canvas and business narrative.

The a first Test Driven Business workshop took place in Toulouse, France.

Would you like to organize an Test Driven Business Lean Startup workshop? Drop a mail at

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3rd Workshop on Test Driven Business for your Lean Startup Products

Where and When? October, 16th in Rennes

The workshop is hosted by  “La Cantine Numérique Rennaise”  and registration is open here

2nd Workshop on Test Driven Business for your Lean Startup Products

Where and When? March, 12th at Lyon

The workshop is hosted by  CARA Night  Lyon .

1er Atelier Lean Startup :  Build your Lean Products in a  “Test Driven Business”

Where and When ? Toulouse , 22 janvier 2013


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