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On Ego, Fear, Power and … Leadership

Whether you are an Agile Coach, an Agile transformation facilitator or a Scrum Master, did it happen to you to feel frustrated because the change you wanted to see in your workplace was nat the change that was taking place? … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

cOemerge wishes you a Joyful Agile-in-Mind & In-Action  New Year ! May all obstacles toward  full accomplishments that might be left over be removed so your teams may to be proud of their work and your customer delighted of your services! … Continue reading

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The Cost Of Fear

We need reassurance. Therefore we plan. There are situations, mainly in our personal life, when we recognise that our plans are just wishful thinking. Sometimes we are so sadly skeptic about our bold plans that we cut ourselves from our … Continue reading

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Metrics Coaching

Whatever goal of improvement teams and organisations have, whether is  adopting new practices, create a culture of innovation, foster a joyful workplace  we all want to know how well we are doing on our way. We love to measure progress. Unfortunately, in … Continue reading

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Storytelling for Agile

Our brain is wired for stories. A story is the most effective way to meet our brain somehow contradictory needs of logical sequential reflection ( this happens because of that, then comes other …) and emotional involvment. If Agile Adoption … Continue reading

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10 ways you’ll probably f**k up your startup

Originally posted on The Happy Startup School – A better way to build a startup:
Here I highlight some common early-stage mistakes I come across working closely with startup teams (and how you can avoid them). This post was first published…

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A journey through our cognitive biases

This is  the video of the talk I’ve hosted at ALE2013. We tend to “over-design” our decisions to avoid errors, still we are always wrong. This is a talk that aims to discover ourselves a little bit more and become … Continue reading

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