Storytelling , How To Learn Differently


Storytelling in Amazonia. photo: Dennis de la Haye

If you don’t feel it you won’t remember it”, Bob Dickman

Change Agents are Storytellers

Neuro-science science studies found out that 70% of what we learn come from stories we heard.  Human memory is a narrative driven process, we are “narrative hardwired”. Our brain reacts to stories far better that to linear presentation of facts.  People like to hear and tell stories where they recognize themselves in, and that is true not only in tales of fairies, dwarfs or super-men but in also in day to day business life. I’m sure , that each of you had a request in your professional life that sounded like that : “Do you have a business case to describe that?” Actually , the real question is “Do yo have a true story about this stuff?” Storytelling  (or Business Narrative) is a powerful way to help organizations and teams embrace change. One of my favorite quotes is one of Michael Margolis’s : “If you want to change the world, change your story”.

Along with Lean Startup, Clean Language and positive future oriented coaching techniques (as “Solution Focused) , Storytelling is a tool of choice I use to support change, build Product Ownership  and … learn new idea and concepts. When palying games, participants don’t really know what is the outcome during the play, only the game facilitator knows. They eventually will get the epiphany of the pertinence of the concept experienced during that games at the end. They are somehow manipulated for the right cause, of course , still a little manipulated. And people like to be the heros , not marionettes  of the story they experience.

Storytelling based services

Considering the great value it brings to enterprises, organizations, teams and individuals,  I decided to build a full offer based on storytelling .

Coaching :I’m coaching teams to achieve the ability  to tell a story that they own, about How they Will Change to Agile , use Kanban or support Lean mindset, beyond their capacity to use creative activities like Business Games in the same areas (Agile, Kanban, and so on).

Training : I created a set of trainings  based on storytelling techniques. My trainings are successful if at the end the participants are able to go and first tell the story of  the topics learned  then apply them. If that will be accomplished, participants are potential change agents in their organizations.

Storytelling related posts

Storytelling Workshop

The Training Portfolio based on Storytelling

  1. Product Ownership (2 days) build your product story from user experience to user validation
  2. Agile Teams ( 2 days) the journey from control of everything to adapt to reality and improve
  3. Kanban Narrative (1 day)  how to teach teams to tell  story of their day to day life from end to beginning and pull the flow and achieve greater collaboration .
  4. Creative Solutions Finder (2 days -Brief version :1 day)  : build your own scenario to use Innovation and other Games from the business activities portfolio effectively in your organization.

If you want more information about the detailed program, feel free to contact me here :


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