Workshops and Tutorials

AgileCommunicationCoemerge proposes a set of workshops on a variety of topics linked to the Agile mindset,  going from  du Lean Startup to making transformations last through storytelling, and focus on Product Ownership attitude for teams and skills in place,  from marketing to software development engineers , all people want to be proud of the remarkable products they contributed to. The is little lecture  in these workshops :  concepts are adopted if people have tried them with their heads and hands.In these workshops, theory parts are only a starter for the “Just Do It!” parts.

Lean Startup for your product innovation

  •  Test Driven Business workshop : Drive your Lean Startup initiative and create your Minimum Viable Products by design market measures first.
  •  Minimum Viable Product workshop : leverage features impact and  focus on  Lean UX ( Lean User Experience)

I’m happy to announce that next  Test Driven Business featuring your Lean Startup products   will be hosted by Code Sprinters and will place in December in Krakow Poland on December 6th.

If you’re an entrepreneur or a product manager who wishes to turn your ideas into real products that will delight your customers, and happen to be in Central Europe in early December,  join the Krakow Session

More information about the Test Driven Business:

 Product Ownership

    • Your Agile product : the product management players, the foundation of product Ownership
    • Create the the story of your product:  from envisioning to product scoping and design
    • Tell the story of your product: sketch your product, identify protagonist and script your product features by storymapping then make it specific via Specifications by Example and BDD ( from impact mapping to acceptance tests)

Next Product Ownership workshops dates are November 13th and 14th. Details can be found here. Some information about approaching product design and requirements managements for SCRUM backlogs using storytelling may be found here.

I’m happy to announce the firs Product Ownership Training on Nov 18th in Bucharest , Romania hosted by MozaicWorks 

Storytelling, the most reliable change agent 

    •  Workshop to learn storyteller techniques to construction techniques that are successfully used to make teams and organizations adopt change
    • Learn the impact of storytelling on communication.

Next Storytelling workshop date is September 16th, in Paris . Details can be found in the Storytelling Workshop description. More information about storytelling vision are here.

Reinforce teams Leadership 

  • The importance to charter organisation’s identity via their pilars  Values-Principles-Practicies and Vision-Missions-Tools
  • Intrinsic motivation versus incentives and impact on performance.
  • Collaboration dynamics : what is collaboration really? What is the impact on efficiency ?

Details of the workshop content and public dates will be published soon.

Creative playful activities, a productivity factor!

  • The place of games at work
  • The benefices of interactive activities as games either for learning or  decision process
  •  Experiment a set of games to create products , increase team dynamics and trust, find effective solutions fast, empower groups to take concrete actions and increase engagement.

Dates and details will be published soon. For further informations, or for organising inhouse events please contact me


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