Facilitate Change

Get the Engagement

The first step to engage change is to illustrate the “Vision-Mission-Working Agreements”  3D identity of teams  built on the “Values/Principles/Pratices” foundation pyramid. cOemerge help teams and organizations step into transformation by facilitating featured workshops using specific interactive activities known also as “Serious Games”. COemerge believe in the effectiveness of metaphors, as powerful ways to explain and adopt new approaches and notions. For this reason, cOemerge uses Games as “Reality Metaphors” either as techniques of  teaching “from the back of the room”, in its Agile Management, Lean, Scrum and Kanban training offer, either as workshop interactive activities to reach efficient solutions effectively.  The facilitation techniques are aimed to last in organizations and will become powerful tools for teams to adopt Lean, Agile or simply acquire awareness of their willing to change and their strengths to ignite the change.

Success Criteria of Change Facilitation

Change Influencer from Inside  Transformation will become lasting and sustainable if the engagement of Change Agents that are internal to organization is validated. cOemerge may coach the Internal Agents  as “internal influencer”.

Self-sustained Change:Teams support and improve change providing their own initiatives to reach “the goal of change” without the help of external referees or other masters. We believe that  sustainable change will not succeed if teams should refer to “certified gurus” to confirm any “compliance” of their initiatives. Any member of a team – in a successfully engaged transformation process – will be legitimate to propose a new step on the transformation road, as long as it helps teams mission.

Have Available Result at Work :  The key of motivation to stay on the “track of change” is to be valued by a usable result of  the change process. cOemerge is committed to help teams provide a result that makes sense for each individual involved in the transformation at each step. This result is scalable, simple to use and at hand. It could be anything from a working product to a set of customized practices to a set of solved issues . It could be visual communication in place. Anything. What matters is that specific result make sense for the specific team.


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