Product Ownership

I’m happy to announce the firs Product Ownership Training on Nov 18th in Bucharest , Romania hosted by MozaicWorks 

Focusing on result is one of the main motivation drivers for teams. Meaningful results easily value the skills and talents. Making teams is aware of their contribution to that result and is responsible of the meaning of the value they add to the product is one of the key of effective ( and happy ! ) teams. cOemerge provides teams with techniques to put in place an “End-to-End”  integrated approach cross expertise – from business and marketing experts to software development teams and support (production and “Customer Care”) -all together focused to  obtain a meaningful product. The practices used are stemmed from either various  user and feature oriented practices, such as UX and Story Mapping and Test Driven Requirements, either from various product quality management practices. As the Product Ownership offer enhances the convergence of teams activities on product delivery we may set Kanban boards to reflect teams activity and start a soft transformation via identified improvements.  The improvement initiatives often use  Lean techniques in an Agile iterative approach.

Criteria of a successful Product Ownership

Shared responsibility of delivered product : The most important driver of  the Product Ownership offer is to acquire the responsibility of teams of the final results – either from a usability perspective or a quality one. When all teams , irrespective of their specific mission and skills are committed to contribute – using those specific skills – to the meaningful product they had acquired a real Product Ownership.

A favorite example of Product Ownership

One of my favorite examples are “tests”. A real “Product Ownership” oriented organization know that test are not the exclusive responsibility of “testers” or other QA teams; tests are the top responsibility of each member of each team involved in Product life cycle.

Product Ownership Workshops

cOemerge propose a series of Product Ownership workshop. You may check here what it is about.

Next dates are 2013,  November 13th and 14th


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